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Sightglass everywhere. Just rip, add hot water, and stir for a perfect cup anywhere on earth. No tools required! (Unless you consider an empty cup to be a tool.) Each package includes six single servings.

  • Tasting notes: milk chocolate, mandarin, honeysuckle
  • Growing altitude: varying
  • Variety/processing method: blended/washed
  • Location: central America & east Africa/varying
  • 12 oz/340 g
About the Brand:

Sightglass is an independent, sibling-owned coffee company in San Francisco.

Coffee is a seasonal fruit and we source it directly from origin in freshly harvested lots. We practice small production methods that allow us to scrutinize and perfect our processes. Attaining a perfect roast is an intuition, a smell, a sound, a slight change in color— it’s about careful attention to detail that comes through in every cup.

Our company takes its name from the 'sightglass,' the viewing window on our vintage PROBAT coffee roaster that exposes the complex and delicate process of roasting coffee. We believe that knowing the story behind your coffee—where it was grown, how it was processed, and who handled it along the way—is a powerful link from the cup to the wider world.

Ultimately, we aim to deliver the highest quality achievable in all aspects of our business, whether that be sourcing the most beautiful and wondrous coffees attainable or employing the most mindful and quality-focused practices possible.