Shopper Bag – Small

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A functional polyester bag that folds up compactly with a buckle closure by Hightide. Eco-friendly and convenient choice for grocery shopping or traveling. The front mesh pocket can store wallets, phones or easy-to-reach items, to be separated from grocery food items. The large bag can contain up to six 0.5 gallon liquid cartons. Neatly folds up into a palm-size with its attached buckle, which also acts as a bag closure.


Dimension: (W)11" x (H)19" x (D)7.5"

About the Brand:

The stationery which you do not want to leave behind.

The brand is named after the German word for ‘close’, as the entire range consists of tools to keep your essential items near. A colorful series of pouches, pencases and holders for documents or iPad’s alike, providing you with various options of colors and purposes.

NÄHE is a Hightide brand, and their attention to design can be seen throughout the entire Hightide range of casual everyday stationery.

HIGHTIDE is a brand established in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994, specializing in office supplies and stationery. While our products evoke American and European nostalgia, the design and functionality have been developed with utmost care.