Revival Oil

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Your everyday body and hair oil.

Packed with fatty acids, nutrients, and antioxidants your hair and skin will love. The refreshing blend of essential oils is nourishing and intoxicating at the same time. Revival Oil will strengthen, regenerate, and support hair and skin cell health.

Use Revival Oil to reduce stretch marks, lock in hydration, soothe dry/itchy skin, shave with, remove makeup effortlessly, reduce scars/blemishes, and tame and deeply hydrate your hair.

  • Formulated for: combination skin types and all hair types.
  • Scent: Refreshingly minty top notes with sweet , woody undertones.
  • Estimated Acid Profile: Omega 3 (Linolenic) - 0.3%, Omega 6 (Linoleic) - 20.7%, Omega 9 (Oleic) - 31.1%, Palmitic - 6.6%, Stearic - 1.6%, Gadoleic - 3.7%

*Having the correct acid ratio is essential in prolonging the age of healthy skin and hair.

How To:

Skin Moisturizer
A little goes a long way. Apply with circular motion to create bond with skin.

Hair Mask
Apply desired amount at ends of hair making way toward scalp. Cleanse and condition, as normal, after.

Hair Serum
Apply a few drops to ends of hair for all-day tame and protection.

Shave Oil
Apply liberally anywhere skin meets hair.  Allow oil to soften hair for 30 seconds before shaving as normal. For best results, exfoliate before.

About the Brand:

Teds was co-founded in 2016 in their tiny Bay Area home. They are both college students who want to create products that don't suck for our bodies and the earth. Chase, the product and brand creator, is currently studying architecture and working to obtain her BFA. She is constantly architecting new products that are articulately formulated for function. While Ryan is currently studying entrepreneurship and economics, he is determined to make a difference in how business is done.  Ted (Theodore) is our Norwegian Forest kitty who inspires us every day.

Teds was started with an end in mind: to heal the world's hair and skin back to its natural state. Our products consist of all-natural and biodegradable elements, so be confident you’re not polluting the Earth when seeing Teds go down the drain. With every purchase, 3% is donated directly to a charitable organization. We revolve the donations around to different organizations to spread love to all stakeholders in sustaining Earth. This way, we can enrich our donations to wider horizons of just cause.