Pear + Green Tea

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Green tea’s many benefits have been known for 5000 years, we can now officially grant it a new virtue: it’s scent is a heavenly combination with the soft smell of pears. A match that’s almost as perfect as Joey & Pacey from Dawson’s Creek.

Use in any room or spray on linens for instant freshness.


Size: 2 oz/56.70 g

About the Brand:

In a tiny workshop as humble as creative, Flambette’s products are entirely handmade from natural ingredients known for their exceptional qualities that are picked with a deep environmental conscience. Surprising and yet familiar, their rich fragrances were carefully picked for their addictiveness. What makes them even more charming? They’re infused with a heavy dose of love, just like the story that unites their creators. And it’s not all: your favorite fragrance is available in every Flambette product.

Treating yourself to a Flambette is a promise to enjoy every minute: like when you are lighting a candle while reading a few chapters from a good book; taking a long shower and letting the pressure of the everyday stream down until it disappears completely; coming home to the most comforting smell after a tiring day.

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