OG Blend

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Our original and best selling blend showcases a stunning trio of beans from Guatemala, Honduras and India to produce a tasty dark roast. A smokey yet smooth taste with hints of hickory, OG packs a punch of caffeine to get your day started with some real speed.

  • Size: 340g
Tasting Notes:
  • Dark roast
  • Smoky, smooth, hickory
  • India, Guatemala, Honduras
About the Brand:

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Ziba was created by two passionate people with an equal love for delicious coffee. They’ve teamed together to share with you their favourite hand-picked beans to showcase delicious coffee from producers around the world. Ziba’s beans are roasted locally and shipped from Toronto. The coffee is ordered in small batches to ensure the freshest beans for our customers. This small Canadian coffee company packs big flavour.

In order to align their product with their values, Ziba proudly supports Cool Earth by donating a portion of proceeds from each bag to help tackle climate change and avoid deforestation in the rainforest. Ziba coffee comes from the same parts of the world where tropical rainforests are being affected today. Cool Earth works to preserve the beautiful countries where our beans come from.

Ziba is a POC and woman owned company. The word Ziba originates from Farsi and means “beautiful.” Ziba believes in finding the beauty in every cup of coffee. It’s more than just choosing the best roast for each person,  Ziba was born from an equal devotion of design and delicious coffee to come together to make something truly unique. Their mission is to provide a quality product by supplying small batches of their personal favourite blends. This way each cup you enjoy is sure to be fresh! Maintaining a humble approach to supply a great cup of coffee is what they're all about. Ziba hopes you love their coffee as much as they do!