Lightweight Mesh Sleeveless Undervest

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A staple item in every cyclist’s wardrobe.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, our mesh vest performs its task perfectly by wicking sweat from your body whilst keeping your kit dry.

This tight fitting garment fits like a second skin and is designed to be barely noticeable whilst under your jersey.

Although the mesh undervest is normally kept hidden, we certainly endorse unzipping your jersey when stopping for a coffee.

Please note: Our Lightweight Mesh Undervest is designed to fit as a second skin. Due to this, we recommend ordering a size up from your ordinary fit. 

  • Flatlock panel stitching designed to avoid rubbing/skin irritation
  • Breathable sublimated prints
  • Fast wicking yarns
  • Highly breathable knit pattern
  • Super lightweight fabric
  • Bi-elastic stretch fabric designed to contour and move with body
  • Made in Italy
  • White
Size Chart:
    Chest Measurements:
    • X-Small: 88cm - 91cm
    • Small: 91cm - 95cm
    • Medium: 96cm – 100cm
    • Large: 101cm – 104cm
    • X-Large: 105cm – 107cm
    About the Brand:

    Angry Pablo is based in the UK and was set up by two friends whose diverging paths in life were always brought back together by a passion for cycling.

    "As cyclists ourselves, we have never understood why cycling, a sport whose popularity always seems to be on the upward trajectory, seems to be indefinitely stuck in time. We’ve witnessed it time and time again — people being made to feel intimated by the sport and its outdated set of conventions. That’s why we got together to think of ways to change this, and created the blueprint for a brand that aims to not only challenge conformity, but also the uniformity of the existing cycling market. Fast forward 6 months and our first products were ready, a modest collection of carefully designed on and off the bike apparel."

    Angry Pablo – a new generation of riding.