Late Summer Neck Warmer – Black

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The Late Summer Neck Warmer is specifically designed for those of us who don’t like to admit that Summer is coming to an end. It is an easily stowable additional layer that will protect you against cool mornings, late evening spins and sweaty alpine descents.

We’ve developed a 100% cotton seamless neck warmer with a simple but eye catching design. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Wicks moisture
  • 100% high stretch polyester 
  • 25x30cm
  • 130g/m²
  • Pablo print
  • Black
About the Brand:

Angry Pablo is based in the UK and was set up by two friends whose diverging paths in life were always brought back together by a passion for cycling.

"As cyclists ourselves, we have never understood why cycling, a sport whose popularity always seems to be on the upward trajectory, seems to be indefinitely stuck in time. We’ve witnessed it time and time again — people being made to feel intimated by the sport and its outdated set of conventions. That’s why we got together to think of ways to change this, and created the blueprint for a brand that aims to not only challenge conformity, but also the uniformity of the existing cycling market. Fast forward 6 months and our first products were ready, a modest collection of carefully designed on and off the bike apparel."

Angry Pablo – a new generation of riding.