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Atmos Volume 05: In the face of the climate crisis, one thing is clear: we will only get to an ecologically just future by way of working together. If humankind is to heal its relationship to the rest of creation, it must restore harmony—which cannot exist without collaboration. And what could be more emblematic of holism and harmony than a hive? A swarm of individuals working in unison to protect the whole? Does this symphony not symbolize our highest potential? This issue tells stories of synarchy and symbiosis, individualism and inter connectivity, entomology and ecology—an exploration of what is possible when we come together for a common cause or a belief.

The new issue features contributions from Suzanne Simard, Merlin Sheldrake, Pattie Gonia, Mike Africa Jr, P. Dee Boersma, Tricia Hersey, brontë velez, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, Ben Toms, Daniel Obasi, Kyle Weeks, Camila Falquez, Kendriana Washington, Ruth H. Hopkins, Evan Benally Atwood, Pierre Debusschere, Colin Dodgson, Leslie Zhang, and more.

  • Cover by Ben Toms
  • 8.875" x 12.25"
  • 288 pages
About the Brand:

Atmos is a glossy biannual magazine focusing climate change, but one with extrapolations into art, design, and global culture.

Unsurprisingly, Jake Sargent, the magazine’s founder, previously ran a fashion brand but realised that he wanted to do work that better aligned with his values.