Fanny Pack Mini (Kids)

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The SIDEPOUCH is made for travelers who need to keep their valuables close and at hand. It features a main compartment a smaller back pocket to keep your phone or camera separated from your keys and coins.

  • Dimensions: 26 x 18 cm

Cotton Canvas: One of our most important materials is our iconic canvas made from 100% cotton. This thick “Duck” canvas is woven for us in the Czech Republic from cotton sourced world wide, depending on global cotton pricing. The cotton yarn used for the weaving of our canvases is OEKO-TEX® 100 STANDARD certified.

It is dyed using ecologically friendly dies before it arrives in Hungary. We use the undied loomstate canvas for our prints. For the printing process we use water based paints that are fixed into the fibers of the fabric, ensuring unparalleled durability of our prints.

About the Brand

YKRA is a family owned and operated company based in Budapest, Hungary. Our brand was founded with the aim of making great products from natural materials using traditional manufacturing methods.

The key to our success is quality, simple design, attention to detail, and conscious curation of our brand. YKRA customers choose our products, not only for the aesthetics, or the materials, but also for the values we stand for. From the materials we use to how and where we manufacture our products, our working conditions and the life cycle of our products, we take a holistic approach to our business, each decision carefully made in accordance with our values.

Our goal today is to create a lasting brand that will be around 50 or 100 years from now. We therefore prioritise long term goals over immediate material gains. As a friend once remarked: “Had YKRA concentrated on making a profit, it would never have been successful”

It is in this spirit that we conduct our business: values over profits and not the other way around.