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30 Yards of Floss Flavor: Ela Mint Teflon-free Petroleum-free Made from Natural Vegetable Wax Your mouth thanks you for your flossing habit, and so do your dental bills! Keep your good habit going strong with our natural floss. Made with vegetable wax, it’s Teflon-free, petroleum-free and provides a thorough, satisfying clean.

About the brand:

At Boka, we aim to inspire more mindful oral care. Science has determined that taking care of our mouth can promote a ripple effect when it comes to whole body health.

MODERN SCIENCE: All of our design and ingredient decisions are backed by science, proven safe and effective.

THE MAGIC INGREDIENT: N-HA Found in nature’s micro-calcium component, Nano-hydroxyapatite is what really makes us special. With the same chemical makeup as enamel, its capable of closing small pores in your teeth’s enamel.

MOTHER NATURE: Speaking of ingredients, ours are always non-toxic, biocompatible, and all natural.