TAKE OFF Reusable Polisher Remover Pads

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*Best when used with our Soy Polish Remover

Our plant-based, reusable nail polish remover pads are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable wipes. Made of a bamboo rayon blend, these pads have a luxurious, silky texture that make it easy to remove even the toughest polish—and unlike traditional felts, they don’t leave a fuzzy mess behind!

These pads are zero waste, down to the paperboard packaging, which is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. It’s all part of our commitment to making beauty rituals kinder on the planet.

How to use:

Hand wash the pad immediately in warm, soapy water after removing nail polish. Do not allow the pad to dry and rinse until the water runs clear. After washing, lay it flat and let it air dry. Avoid placing the pad on a surface that it may stain. Some polish staining and a slight hardness will occur after multiple uses. It is normal for pads to stain due to the nature of ingredients in nail polish. They will also harden with use, but still can be reused again and again.