Troublesome began like many creative projects, an idea that was spoken about in the background, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Back in December of 2019, we were moving out of our previous office and came across this amazing street level location. It was 5 min. from our apartment, and even though we were originally looking for an office for our design studio, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to create the type of mixed-use retail space we'd talked about in the past.

In February of 2020, After 3 years of successfully running our design studio (, we began our second business, a creative space where we could marry our 3 loves: design, cycling and coffee. The timing was rough to say the least.

Cut to today, work culture has shifted tremendously: work from home is now the norm, and day-to-day commutes, routines and retail patterns haven't really stabilized.

With that reality, we no longer need an office space, and having worked through 3 very stressful years across all areas of life, we need a shake up!

Troublesome is officially going on hiatus. Our design studio, Night Shift, will be our sole focus and we'll continue to think up new projects to sink our hearts into. August 31st will be Troublesome's last day.

To the friends who showed up for us, the community who gave us a shot, our supportive landlord, and our incredible staff that chose to work beside us, thank you.